Supported Changeovers for Children

Changeover Services assist separated parents to avoid uncomfortable encounters or conflicts, when transferring children to the other parent's care
What is Changeover?
Changeover is the process of transferring a child from one parent’s care to the other. It is also referred to as ‘exchange’ or ‘handover’. Whatever it may be called, the process can be problematic for the family, and the source of stress and anxiety to everyone involved.
What's a Changeover Service?
Children’s Changeover Services assist separated parents and their children by eliminating the need for the parents to see or communicate with one another, where this is necessary or desired.
Who can use a Changeover Service?
Any separated parents can access our Changeover Service. A court order is not required.
Changeover Services are offered onsite at our Contact Centre and where appropriate, may be provided off-site at alternative child-friendly locations within the community.
The Contact Centre is open 7 days from 8:30am - 7:30pm. Contact the Centre to discuss Service's availability for providing Changeover Services at off-site locations.

Why use one?

There are many reasons for accessing Changeover services, such as; concerns over possible violence; court orders preventing direct communication between the parents; the need to protect children from exposure to parental conflict; and, issues relating to a parent's non-compliance with a court order. In some cases, there is simply the wish to avoid stressful or uncomfortable situations.

Record Keeping

The Service maintains written records of parents' and children's attendance, arrival and departure times. Supervisors also maintain detailed written records with respect to their observations of behaviour and interactions of both parents and the child/ren. Reports may be provided on request.

Stress Free

To alleviate conflict and assist parents who prefer not to meet face-to-face, we facilitate changeover for the parents, safely exchanging the children, without the need for parents to come into contact with one another.


Kindred Connect holds children’s safety and well-being as the highest priority, but with due regard for the safety and needs of vulnerable adults. With these factors in mind, the Contact Centre separates parents, allocating different street entrances, parking spaces and waiting areas, and we arrange and parent’s arrival and departure times are staggered.


To apply for Children’s Changeover at Kindred Connect, parents are asked to complete and return the Changeover Application Form. Forms can be completed electronically and returned by email or completed by hand and returned via email, fax or post to PO Box 272 Dayboro 4521. If you have any questions or require additional information, give us a call on (07) 3425 1098.

Application Form