Kindred Connect


Kindred Connect is a private Children's Contact Service (CCS), operating on the northern side of Brisbane. Kindred Connect was created out of community need, and, in response to lengthy waiting lists for, (often inadequate), government-funded services. Kindred Connect was established in 2012 and has been operating for more than seven years.

What is a Children's Contact Service?

Children's Contact Services (CCS) assist separated families with the logistics of regular and meaningful parent-child contact, following separation. In the case of separated parents experiencing high levels of conflict or where there are concerns about violence, we facilitate safe transfers of children from one parent to the other.

Who Might Use a CCS?

In many cases, the use of such services, are part of orders of the Federal Circuit or Family Law Court. Other families seek out Children’s Contact Services such as ours voluntarily.

What is the role of a CCS?

  • To provide a safe, neutral and child-friendly meeting place where parents and children can enjoy quality time together
  • To facilitate contact between children and their separated parents, especially where contact has become limited or non-existent
  • To assist families experiencing post-separation conflict to arrange and enjoy contact visits, minimising stress for everyone involved
  • To arrange and facilitate smooth changeovers of children from one parent to the other – with no contact between parents, where none is desired
  • To promote and safeguard the safety and welfare of participating children and vulnerable other
  • To assist and support families experiencing conflict regarding parent-child visits
  • To assist parents, where appropriate, to become independent in managing contact arrangements in a safe and positive way

Our Services

Kindred Connect offers an affordable, user-pay alternative for parents seeking Supervised Contact and Supported Changeovers for their children. Our vision is to lessen the burden on existing government-funded services while providing children and their families a safe, secure, convenient, and compassionate service.

Our Staff

Kindred Connect’s team comprises qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to the safety and well-being of children and their parents.

Our Children's Contact Centre

Our Children’s Contact Centre provide a safe, neutral and child friendly meeting place where parents and children can enjoy quality time together. We believe contact should always be an enjoyable experience for parents and children, and we strive to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment.


Kindred Connect’s services are provided on-site at our Contact Centre in Dayboro. Our Dayboro premises are located on acreage and offer abundant space and privacy for all clients of the Centre. If required and where appropriate, arrangements may be made for Supervised Contact and Supported Changeovers to take place at child-friendly locations within Brisbane and its surrounding precincts. Off-site venues suggested by parents may include places like Southbank or Roma Street Parklands.

Other Regions

Kindred Connect Supervisors are available in Rockhampton, Cairns, Gladstone, and Mackay. Services may be provided in other regions and families with special requests are encouraged to contact us to discuss requirements.