Our Team




Kindred Connect comprises a team of dedicated, experienced, and qualified professionals – united in our commitment to upholding the rights of the child.

We are committed, individually and collectively, to delivering Services of the highest standard. As a private Service, we voluntarily comply with the guidelines, processes and protocols, required of government-funded children’s contact services.

We are experienced professionals with qualifications in social work, psychology, community development and early childhood education.

We are committed to the safety and well-being of children and their parents.

We have extensive experience in complex family work and we understand the necessity of firm boundaries within professional relationships.

Our professionalism is readily seen in the consistent, thoughtful, dedicated application of our policies and procedures in every service we provide.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is upon the child’s needs, with the firm belief that every child has the right to adequate opportunity for meaningful relationships with parents, with siblings, with extended family members and others who are significant in the child's life. We understand the importance such relationships have for all children, in developing a strong and healthy sense of identity and belonging.


  • We will not side with either parent or any other person involved
  • We will not advocate on behalf of one parent over the other
  • We will remain independent from any parental dispute
  • We will provide factual observational reports, without judgement
  • We will acknowledge conflicts of interest and will avoid them
  • We treat all participants with respect and compassion

Collective Goals

  • To maintain a safe, secure environment
  • To promote enjoyable and positive experiences of family contact
  • To minimise the negative impacts of separation upon children
  • To reduce the burden on government-funded Children’s Contact Services, and reduce their waiting lists
  • To assist parents in moving towards self-managing family contact arrangements
  • To support parents and children in re-building relationships
  • To maintain and develop professional networks, promoting collaboration which improves outcomes for families

What to Expect from Supervisors

  • Professional degree(s) in the areas of welfare/social work, education, psychology
  • Backgrounds in mental health, counselling, child protection, community development and early childhood education
  • Accredited training in Suicide Prevention; Domestic Violence; Child Development; Mandatory Reporting; Child Protection, including Child Sexual Abuse
  • Objective factual reporting of observations made during each visit
  • Firm professional boundaries
  • Extensive experience in supporting contact for children and their families
  • Skills to promote positive parent-child interactions
  • Commitment to mandatory reporting obligations
  • Police clearances, ‘working with children checks/Blue Card’
  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Awareness of challenges in Family Law
  • Experience working with family violence
  • Commitment to client privacy and confidentiality

Our Commitment to Children

  • We are committed to protecting children, and our primary concern is the safety and well-being of children and young people
  • We will intervene if a child is considered at risk of harm, or if contact is assessed as no longer in their best interests
  • We reserve the right to cancel, reduce or terminate contact if it is felt to be in the best interest of the child
  • We take responsibility for refusing any case which would place a child or parent at reasonable risk
  • We believe it important for the children involved that there be no preferential treatment shown either parent

We believe it is the right of every child;

  • To be listened to and to have his or her wishes and feelings given due weight
  • To have regular contact with both parents
  • To have healthy, loving relationships with both parents
  • To be treated with respect, warmth, friendliness, and acceptance
  • To be treated as an individual, with his or her own feelings, thoughts and wishes, and to be given honest and age-appropriate explanations for what will occur during contact and/or changeovers.
  • To feel safe, secure and free to enjoy these times, and to receive support and care before, during and after contacts

Our Commitment to Parents

  • We are committed to protecting every parent’s interests, their physical safety, and their emotional well-being
  • We are committed to honest communication and maintaining transparent processes
  • We strive to assist parents to understand and appreciate the rationale for, and the maintenance of, our service’s child-focused conditions and procedures
  • We believe in every parent’s potential for developing greater insight into how to best meet their children’s needs, to develop practical experience in doing so

We believe every parent has the right;

  • To receive our services without discrimination
  • To be protected from inappropriate behaviour by any other person
  • To have the opportunity to discuss any concerns, and to have them resolved wherever possible
  • To feel safe, secure, accepted and valued within their family and community
  • To be treated with respect and without judgment
  • To be properly informed as to the limitations of confidentiality
  • To receive enough information to make informed decision