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Call (07) 3497 2812 to let us know you’re interested. Registration takes about 10 minutes.


Info Pack

We’ll send you some general information and a copy of the Parent Application Form.


Intake Interview

When you return your completed application form, we arrange an appointment for your Intake Interview.


Child Orientation

The children are invited to attend the Contact Centre to meet the staff and check out the premises.



When both parents have completed the paperwork and agreed to the terms of service, we can start.

Intake & Assessment

Before commencing supervised contact services, the following steps must be completed:

Step 1

Both parents are to contact Children’s Contact Services on (07) 3497 2812 for registration. During this initial contact, a ten-minute telephone interview is conducted. Please note that no further action can take place until both parties have completed this step.

Step 2

The parents will then be notified of the length of the waiting list (if any), and arrangements will be made for an intake interview and orientation visit.

Step 3

Intake interviews will take place approximately two weeks prior to the date of the first family contact visit. The duration of the interviews (a separate interview for each party) normally lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Prospective participants are assessed for suitability for the program.

Step 4

Both parents receive a copy of the Kindred Connect Service Agreement. The document may be amended to accommodate the needs of individual children. Parents and other adult participants must understand the following;

Step 5

If a contact is to occur at our Children’s Contact Centre, it is encouraged that the child attend an orientation visit at that centre, accompanied by one parent, one week prior to the first contact. 

During the orientation visit, the child will be assessed in terms of willingness and readiness to participate. If the first contact is to take place at a location other than a contact centre, a staff member will meet with the children and one parent prior to the first session so that this assessment can be completed.

intake and assessment

Intake Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

What is the purpose of the Intake Interview?

Risk Assessment

During Intake we collect information to conduct a Risk Assessment. To identify the kind of risk and the degree of threat associated, we ask questions about past and present family violence, substance abuse, child abuse and mental health issues. We will enquire about any previously refused applications, suspensions or termination by other Contact Services so we may understand contributing factors and plan to avoid any future issues.

Child Abuse Allegations

In circumstances involving allegations of child abuse we make enquiries;

When can Supervised Contact start?

Contact Services can commence as soon as both parents have completed the Intake & Assessment Interviews. The process usually takes 1-2 weeks although can be less in circumstances where parents are flexible in their availability.

Can I bring my children to the Interview?

Due to the nature of discussions, it is not usually appropriate for children to attend Intake. However, where no alternative exists, we ask parents to inform the Service so an additional staff member can be arranged.

When Services are required urgently, and additional staff available, it may be possible to arrange Child Orientation visits to coincide with a parent’s Intake Interview. Otherwise, the Service will schedule separate appointments for the children’s Orientation.

What is the service agreement?​

To access Services, both parents are required to sign and adhere to our Service Agreement; a comprehensive list of all terms and conditions

The Service Agreement details roles and responsibilities of Supervising staff and includes Consent to Release and Parental Permission

What happens with my information?​

Information you provide is used in developing a Case Plan. These are amended according to progress and obstacles and parents’ input is encouraged.

Personal information is managed according to strict practices outlined in our Confidentiality Policy. Electronic documents are encrypted & password protected. Paper files are locked in cabinets in a secure room.

Intake Payment

The Intake Interview costs $175 per parent. Payment is required in advance and receipt of payment confirms your booking.

Direct Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer, or Internet Banking is our preferred method of payment.

Bank Details

Kindred Connect Pty. Ltd.
National Australia Bank
BSB: 084-424
Account No: 13-321-1696


Fees can be paid in person at our Centre. We accept all major credit cards.

Credit Card

Payment plans may be arranged on request, to include direct debit payments by instalments using third party services i.e., Ezy-Pay or Centre-Pay

Payment Plan

We accept all major credit cards including American Express. Payments by credit card can be made at our Centre or online.

Application Form

Download the Parent Application E-Form here. Please return your completed form to


(07) 3497 2812


Sunshine Coast


PO Box 246
Dayboro QLD 4521


0400 218 492



(07) 3497 2812


0400 218 492


PO Box 246
Dayboro QLD 4521