Kindred Connect offers a peaceful and natural environment for families accessing services on-site. Our Contact Centre in Dayboro is located on acreage and offers abundant space and privacy.

Natural Environment

Our Centre premises offers a "normal" home-like environment and in no way resembles any kind of institution. We feel strongly about providing children a "normalised" and positive experience of supervised family contact.

Abundant Space

Our Centre is situated on acreage and provides abundant space and privacy for all clients of the Centre.

Feathers and Fur

Our Centre is residence to many hand-raised chickens and some of our neighbours include horses and cows.
We believe the therapeutic and educational benefits animals provide children far outweigh any risks such as insect bites.
We understand there may be children who don’t share our love of animals and in this case any animal contact can easily be avoided.
We don’t discourage children from getting dirty and we can’t guarantee our yard is free from bugs or ants, feathers or fur.

We don’t discourage children from getting dirty and we can’t guarantee our yard is free from bugs or ants, feathers or fur.

Child having picnic in park
Rooster in farm
Close up of a cockerel outside on the farm

Separate Street Access

There are separate streets for accessing the Centre ~ one for each parent. Parent's arrival and departure times are staggered, so there's no contact between separated parents.

No Interruptions

It is our standard practice to have only one family present at the Centre at any one time. We find this allows parents and children to focus on what is important to them without being interrupted.


We feel strongly about continuity for children and make a point of providing children support from the same familiar Supervisors on each occasion.

Centre Based Contact

Children’s Contact Centres offer a safe, friendly and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with one of both of their parents, and sometimes other family members.
The Australian Children’s Contact Services Association (ACCSA) promotes the use of Contact Centres and so do we. In our experience, contact is most enjoyable for children, when it takes place at our Centre.
Supervised Contact usually take place at our Children’s Contact Centre which is located in a relaxing semi-rural environment in Dayboro – 40 km Northwest of Brisbane city and a 15-minute drive from Strathpine.

Off-site Venues

If required, arrangements may be made for Supervised Contact to take place at child-friendly locations within Brisbane and its surrounding precincts.

Can Contact occur off-site?

Supervised Contact Services may be provided off-site, at other child-friendly locations.
In some cases, a neutral venue may be advised – that is, one which does not hold significant emotional meaning for any of the parties involved.
The degree of risk and the level of supervision required are factors in choosing a between our centre-based facility, or in considering alternative venues.
When identifying suitable venues, we keep in mind;
  • the needs and best interests of the children
  • the relationships between the child(ren) and family members
  • physical safety issues
  • the degree of risk
  • the level of supervision required
Two kids kneeling and looking at a science exhibit
Cute Boy Posing in Play Area
Child throwing bowling ball