Application Process


Call (07) 3425 1098 to let us know you're interested. Registration takes about 10 mins.


We'll send you some general information, an application form and a copy of our Fee Schedule.


When we receive application forms, we schedule Intake Interviews for parents.


Interviews are conducted at the Centre, by two staff members. Interviews take about 90 minutes.

Intake & Assessment

What is the purpose of the Intake Interview?
  • To clarify the reasons for accessing the Service
  • To provide details of contact times, frequency and locations
  • To identify persons included in contact visits
  • To make any necessary contingency plans
  • To allocate each parent a car-park and entrance
  • To arrange time for child orientation
  • To give parents an opportunity to ask questions
  • To provide a tour of the Centre and facilities
  • To explain emergency procedures
  • To ensure parents are aware of arrangements and schedules
  • To understand the views of each parent

Risk Assessment

During Intake we collect information for the purpose of conducting a Risk Assessment. To identify the kind of risk and the degree of threat associated, we ask questions about past and present family violence, substance abuse, child abuse and mental health issues. We may make inquiries about any previously refused applications, suspensions or termination by other Contact Services with the intention of understanding contributing factors so as to avoid any future issues.
In the case where services require an immediate start, and where additional staff are available, Child Orientation visits may be arranged to coincide with the parent’s Intake Interview.

Child Abuse Allegations

In circumstances involving allegations of child abuse, the Intake and Assessment processes will aim;
  • To establish if any investigations have been conducted by the police or child protection authority and whether or not allegations have been substantiated
  • To determine the most suitable Contact Supervisors in terms of their skill, experience and qualifications
  • To identify matters for consultation with the ICL (Independent Children’s Lawyer) if an ICL has been appointed
  • To determine the degree of vigilance required during Supervised Contact i.e. minimal staffing ratio and support staff
  • To identify appropriate support services and submit referrals, with parent’s consent

What is the Service Agreement?

To access Services, parents are required to agree to the conditions outlined in the Service Agreement; a comprehensive list of all terms and conditions which details roles and responsibilities of Supervising staff. In some cases, either before or after Services commence, it may be necessary to modify terms of the Service Agreement to reflect the family’s circumstances or to address individual need. Any proposed amendments involve negotiation with, and the consent of both parents.

Can I bring my child?

Due to the nature of discussions during Intake Interviews, it is usually inappropriate for children to attend. However, where no alternative exists, we ask parents inform the Service so we can arrange an additional staff member to supervise the child.

What to bring

  • A copy of the current parenting order (including any consent order) made by the Court
  • A copy of the current Family Violence Order (if applicable)
  • Any parenting plan
  • A Family Report or other documents the Court has ordered to be provided to the Children’s Contact Service
  • Any information that may influence the way we provide services, such as information about a child’s or parent’s health condition
  • Driver’s License or other photo id
  • Intake Fee or receipt of payment. The fee for each parent’s Intake Interview is $175

Child Orientation

What is it?
Child Orientation is intended to be an enjoyable experience for the child, providing reassurance and minimising any anxiety. The short and casual visit allows the child to anticipate future visits, without worrying about what will happen. When the child returns to the Centre for Supervised Contact they are already familiar with the Centre as a place where they feel safe and comfortable.
Children are invited to attend the Centre for Orientation, accompanied by one of their parents. Appointments for Child Orientation are usually scheduled 1-2 weeks before services commence.

Service Fees

Kindred Connect is a private fee-for-service company, offering an affordable, user-pay alternative for parents seeking Supervised Contact and Supported Changeovers for their children.
When a court order does not specify one parent as responsible for paying service fees, and when no other agreement exists, fees are shared equally between both parents.
Fees are required two days in advance with bookings confirmed on receipt of payment. Any credit amount will be refunded.
We're happy to prepare written quotes, specific to the requirements of your family so, please, just ask.
Fees may be reduced in situations where risk factors are considered easily managed, where children do not require intensive support, or, when contact visits run for extended hours or, over the course of consecutive days.


We accept all major credit cards including American Express. Payments by credit card can be made online, at our Centre or over the phone.
Electronic Funds Transfer, or Internet Banking is our preferred method of payment
Fees can also be paid in person, at our Centre, using EFTPOS.
Kindred Connect Pty. Ltd.
National Australia Bank
BSB: 084-424
Account No: 13-321-1696
Payments by instalments may include using a third party service, such as C-Pay (Centrelink direct debit) or Ezy-Pay.
Access the ezypay-customer-brochure here, or contact us for additional information.

Download Application Form

To download a copy of the Parent Application Form, click the link below.